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Our mission is to equip classical musicians with digital media to drive career growth. With this, we create free content to share ideas and tips on marketing, recording, filming and content creation for social media and much more.

Capturing the heart of a performer

With lights in place, cameras and mics primed, we wait for them to be ready. I imagine our artists bring out a handful of magic dust from a small bag, dowse themselves and reappear in the hall, confident, dressed and ready to perform.

Jordan Bateman

During the construction of our studio we took advantage of the chaos, and unexpected natural acoustics, to produce this haunting video of Jordan playing Bach – Cello suite II – d minor – Prelude.

How To Optimise Your Website

Marketing for classical musicians People only care about finding the info and functions they need and you need to make that a breeze to find.  Also, having succeeded in getting their attention, you'll want to maximise their visit by capturing their data. In line with...

Physical Marketing Ideas for Musicians

Marketing for classical musicians There's more to reaching people than digital media alone. Using physical marketing can surprise and delight your audience... 1.39min.Video & audio production sessions in two of the UK's premiere concert venues. Designed for...

Social Media Ideas For Musicians

Marketing for Classical Musicians Share your process, give people insights and engage your audience with behind-the-scenes snapshots into the romance that is being a classical musician. 1.50min.James: Tell people about other things within your email marketing and...

Why Musicians Need Video

Marketing for classical musicians Video is the dominant media online and plays a major role in any serious classical musician's career development. See what video can do for your career. 1.28min. James: The value of having good audio-visual content is massive, because...

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