The unassuming man from Lyon

Matthieu Bergheau is someone we have been following on Instagram for a while now. His regular posts of him happily playing his grand piano in France had been keeping us entertained and intrigued, so it was a genuine thrill when he got in touch and booked a Mill Session in The Stoller Hall.

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Despite being somewhat of a social media star, Matthieu’s quiet and reserved demeanour made him seem a little nervous about being the centre of attention. Smartly dressed and chatty (with perfect English), Matthieu had an ambitious program of music to perform. Our favourite of these was the Liszt Funérailles, a moody, brewing piece of music.

The Liszt Funérailles is lower register heavy, so we took the opportunity to film from Matthieu’s left. With the combination of carefully placed lighting and views of the empty stalls, we achieved a film that feels brooding and dangerous. With a 10 minute running time, we decided to be brave and edit longer shots for drama and pace. To begin the film we crept up on Matthieu, edging towards the keyboard, creating an almost classic detective noir opening while retaining the seriousness of the piece.

Meeting our clients and watching them work so hard is the most rewarding part of making videos for classical musicians. It was a real pleasure to work with Matthieu Bergheau and we count his among our favourite sessions.

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