About Mill Media

A little bit of our story and the Mill Media team.

The short story

Mill Media is a specialist media production company for classical musicians. We produce video media, audio recordings, photography and websites to help classical musicians develop their career.

Mill Media, originally named Mill Productions, was founded by two musicians Ben Sharpe and David Williamson studying at the Royal Northern College of Music and has now developed into a small team of creatives with a diverse set of skills. James Cardell-Oliver joined Mill in 2017 bringing a wealth of experience in digital marketing, as well as a life-long love of all classical music.

Moving forward, Mill Media is regularly working with world-class musicians and branching out into documentary work and CD recordings with international record labels.

The long story

Let’s have a drink and we’ll tell you. 😉

The core team

Ben Sharpe

Sound Engineer & Video Producer

Ben trained at the Royal Northern College of Music for one year and then onto Futureworks Media School, giving him the ideal set of skills and experience needed to lead a company tailored to the requirements of classical musicians.

With a BSc (Hons) in Audio Engineering & Production, Ben has been working as a sound engineer solely for classical musicians since 2014 and has become an experienced video producer throughout the journey of running Mill Media Co.

James Cardell-Oliver

Creative Director & Designer

James is an experienced photographer, digital designer and marketer supercharging the Mill Media Company. His photography and design style has shaped the look and feel of Mill Media, helping it become an established brand and service provider.

He is a multi-instrumentalist living on a blurred line between classical and country music and is currently working on launching our new record label, Grand Empirical.

Who we have worked with

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