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We have enjoyed every project we’ve worked on, whether it be a simple live recording, an exciting location or behind-the-scenes filming at our studio. We choose projects here, to look back on, in the hopes that past projects can offer inspiration to other musicians.

As a company run by musicians, we delight in the magic of great performance and enjoy watching musicians careers grow. If you want to join the ranks of our Inspiring Projects artists, take a look at our Mill Sessions package, our Content Days or talk to us about creating media for you.

Capturing the heart of a performer

StoryHouse (Chester Performs)

Mill Media Co. spends a week with music festival Chester Performs.

Felix & Carla



Our time creating performance films in Olso with this dedicated duo.

Jordan Bateman



Cello. Construction. Friendship.

No hassle, just music.

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No hassle, just music.

Get heard, get seen, get heard.

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