Hear about the experiences had with Mill Media from a selection of international artists.

Esther Abrami

Violinist | France

Mill Media Co. had the pleasure of working with Esther Abrami for the day. Esther recorded and filmed two pieces, one of which was accompanied by a pianist.

Iyad Sughayer

Pianist | Jordan

Mill Media Co. have been collaborating with Iyad Sughayer for 4 years and have enjoyed every minute! Currently Mill are producing a documentary with Iyad telling his story from childhood to his debut album with the record label, BIS.

Yulia Vershinina

Pianist | Russia

It is a real pleasure recording with Mill Media Co. They are true professionals in all respects and I enjoyed the recording session as much as listening to the final product. They manage to create a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere during the session. They also guide you very sensibly so that you spread your energy and focus efficiently throughout the session. And the sound quality of the recording is simply extraordinary.

Laurence Perkins

Bassoonist, Manchester Camerata | UK

I worked with Mill Media Co. on a music promotion video in Manchester. They were both excellent to work with – totally organised, working efficiently with very good equipment, and very patient and helpful with my lack of abilities to speak while being filmed! The finished product is exactly what I hoped for, top-quality picture and sound, and very well put together. Would highly recommend their service to anyone.

Jon Gjylaci

Guitarist | Albania

I have collaborated several times with Mill Media Co. and the team have always been professional and dedicated in each project. They are friendly, open minded, creative and most of all hard working. They have always considered my needs to bring across the message in each video and this is exactly what an artist needs. A supportive team that will work to create the vision!

The filming sessions have always been in superb venues and in my last project we had such great fun! We improvised on the day with different lighting and camera angles to try and achieve an optimum audiovisual result complimenting the music and the performer.

The staff at Mill Media Co. are experienced and their suggestions on the day were spot on! In addition, their post production was quick and to the highest standard providing a very slick result. The end product was a cool, engaging and entertaining video. I couldn’t be happier with it all!

Already the clip is getting positive responses on the internet, and in these days, online presence is an integral part of a freelance musician. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Mill Media Co. in discussing your project. As for myself, I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future. Many thanks Mill Media Co.!

Harry Nowakowski-Fox

Pianist | UK

Superb support and highly professional team dedicated to getting the best possible results. They are all trained musicians so they can work with artists in detail as well as on the overall picture. Could not recommend enough!

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