Marketing for classical musicians

In this five-part series, James and Ben discuss ideas, strategy and tools for marketing yourself as a musician. Hear about how online and traditional media help you can gain you new contacts, get more bookings and actually have fun with it!

1 : Why Musicians Need Video

Video is the dominant media online and plays a major role in any serious classical musician’s career development. See what video can do for your career.


2 : Social Media Ideas for Musicians

Share your process, give people insights and engage your audience with behind-the-scenes snapshots into the romance that is being a classical musician.


3 : How To Release Video on Social Media

Classical musicians should treat their videos like a Hollywood release. Create a buzz and maximise interest with anticipation.


4 : Physical Marketing Ideas for Musicians

There’s more to reaching people than digital media alone. Using physical marketing can surprise and delight your audience…


5 : How To Optimise Your Website

People only care about finding the info and functions they need and you need to make that a breeze to find. Also, having succeeded in getting their attention, you’ll want to maximise their visit by capturing their data. In line with GDPR compliance, of course.


James Cardell-Oliver

Creative Director

James is an experienced photographer, digital designer and marketer supercharging the Mill Media Company. He is a multi-instrumentalist living on a blurred line between classical and country music.

Ben Sharpe


Ben trained at Futureworks and attended RNCM giving him the perfect set of skills and background needed to create a company exclusively aimed at helping classical musicians showcase their performances creatively.

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