Marketing for Classical Musicians

These articles will give you ideas, strategies and tools for marketing yourself as a musician.

Learn how digital marketing can help you gain you new contacts and get more bookings whilst actually having fun with it!


How to Get More Online Followers

Three ways to get in front of more people online and build your own following.

Social Media Ideas for Classical Musicians

We share ideas and free online tools for how to up your social media game and grow an online following.


2 Key Setups for DIY Recording & Filming

Helpful tips on DIY recording & filming for classical musicians that can be done today.

Why Classical Musicians Need Video

The value of having good quality audio-visual content is massive. It can help grow your career for many years into the future.

Why Musicians Need a Website

Why Classical Musicians Need a Website

What should a website do for you? Are they still useful or necessary? Here’s what we recommend for musicians to do.


Your Website Goal: Build an Emailing List

When someone gives you their email address, they are happy to hear from you.

Resources for Classical Musicians

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