Marketing for classical musicians

In this five-part series, James and Ben discuss ideas, strategy and tools for marketing yourself as a musician. Hear about how online and traditional media help you can gain you new contacts, get more bookings and actually have fun with it!

1 : Why Musicians Need Video

Video is the dominant media online and plays a major role in any serious classical musician’s career development. See what video can do for your career.


2 : Social Media Ideas for Musicians

Share your process, give people insights and engage your audience with behind-the-scenes snapshots into the romance that is being a classical musician.


3 : How To Release Video on Social Media

Classical musicians should treat their videos like a Hollywood release. Create a buzz and maximise interest with anticipation.


4 : Physical Marketing Ideas for Musicians

There’s more to reaching people than digital media alone. Using physical marketing can surprise and delight your audience…


5 : How To Optimise Your Website

People only care about finding the info and functions they need and you need to make that a breeze to find. Also, having succeeded in getting their attention, you’ll want to maximise their visit by capturing their data. In line with GDPR compliance, of course.


James Cardell-Oliver

Pedal Steel Legend

For James, classical music has been a passion throughout the duration of his extremely long life. From being forced by his parents to play the violin, to rebelling and becoming a pedal steel legend, James merges his love of music and years of creative marketing experience to supercharge the Mill Media Company.

Ben Sharpe

RNCM Dropout

Ben studied saxophone on the performance course at RNCM for one year. He ditched that and instead went on to complete a degree in audio engineering and production, which led to merging both worlds, resulting in the birth of Mill Media Co. Ben still enjoys pretending to be a musician and loves to see digital media magnify classical music.

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