Marketing for Classical Musicians

2 : Social Media Ideas for Musicians

Share your process, give people insights and engage your audience with behind-the-scenes snapshots into the romance that is being a classical musician.


Video transcript

James: Tell people about other things within your email marketing and within your Facebook posts and your Twitter posts and so on. Just because being a musician is just the same as being in business of any sort. However, say something interest. Maybe you want to say something that’s a bit more story like, a bit more news worthy.

Ben: Ahhh, nice. Everyone loves a good story. I love it when musicians tell us about why they chose a piece. I’m fascinated with how passionate some people are about the pieces they are playing.

James: I always wondered to myself “how did somebody get into being a harpist”. I mean inevitably I think there’s going to be a lot of people who are gonna be “my parents forced me to learn”, but then, what happened? Why are you still doing it and who inspires you? How dd you imagine your life was going to be?

To people who aren’t musicians, and people who are musicians, there is a romance to it.

Ben: We were saying this the other day that no matter what type of concert you go to, everybody at some point is thinking “I wonder what it’s like to be them”.

James: Yeah. So that also goes back to my other point about making sure you capture some behind the scenes stuff whenever you’re doing anything. So say you are coming to one of our sessions, capturing yourself even tuning up and getting ready, but you’re surrounded by microphones, cameras, that’s pretty exciting.

Ben: Yeah, it’s cool.

James: And other people who aren’t doing that are going to be looking at that and thinking “you are having an exotic day”.

Ben: “You know what you are doing”.

James: Take my sister, travels a lot for work, and she thinks it’s mind-numbingly dull, whereas I’m thinking “wow, you are living the life hanging around that waiting lodge in Heathrow”. I think it’s exciting.

Ben: It looks important.

James: Yeah it looks important. It looks the biz. However, not all of it is glamorous, but that in itself is glamorous.

Ben: Because it humanises the whole thing doesn’t it.

James: Exactly.

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