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1 : Why Musicians Need Video

Video is the dominant media online and plays a major role in any serious classical musician’s career development. See what video can do for your career.


Video transcript

James: The value of having good audio-visual content is massive, because it covers so many bases, because it gives you something to offer people as you build your relationships, as you try and get those contacts, throughout whatever channels you have. It’s a way of saying “this is who I am, this is what I can do”.

So it covers building a fan base, if you want to be known as an instrumentalist; it covers people booking you, if you’re trying to get yourself booked for an events, weddings; or if you want to get yourself in with an agent who does all of that for you, they’ll want all of that content to use, and they’ll want to see that content before the talk to you, the list goes on, but without that you’ve got nothing unless you’re really lucky and are already playing tonnes of concerts that people come to.

Ben: Yeah, absolutely. It is one of the, or possibly the best, media types to hit home the kind of musician that you are. Because not only they can see what you look like and get an idea of your playing and your repertoire, and all of that kind of thing, but they also get a sense of your personality, because you can actually see their musicality and their stage presence and that’s a big thing.

James: Because as a musician you are a performer and people will want to see how good you are as a performer and how well you come across before they book you. So it’s a given that you need something like that.

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