Why do pianists need to make a film?

How can film or video help a pianist develop their career, build a fan base and get the attention of agents or promoters?

Mill Media Co. specialises in creating films (or videos) for classical musicians and we have seen first hand what those films can do for a musicians career.

Here’s a list of 6 solid reasons why you should, as a serious pianist, be making high quality films.

1. Competitive advantage

A video is the best and most immediate way to showcase your talent, personality and repertoire. Among the many pianists available for promoters, having compelling videos will separate you from the average, giving you a competitive edge.

2. Multi-platform content

Your film will have multiple uses, so it will earn it’s place in your list of things you’re glad you spent money on. You will be able to use it for your EPK (electronic press kit), which is the essential place for your videos, photos, reviews and career info. Check out our page on EPKs here. With this you will be more attractive to agents and promoters as well as any press that might be sniffing around. The same video can be used to build your YouTube channel and for social media content on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Fanbase

You can fill your Instagram with home made videos, but you’ll want to punctuate your feed with professional film content to give yourself gravitas. Your fans will be excited by this and it will appear to a wide demographic, building your reputation among discerning fans and making you more desirable to agents, labels and promoters.

4. Your online audition

We’ve mentioned promoters already – but, unless you’ve already got a BBC Prom under your belt, you’re unlikely to get booked for a paid concert or engagement on word of mouth alone. A professional film with high quality audio, carefully edited to showcase your talent and ability to perform is invaluable.

5. Booking platforms

Many, many musicians advertise themselves on booking platforms, such as Encore, and to bring your profile to the attention of the people booking for their event, you’ll be at a distinct advantage if you have a high quality performance film. We’re a trusted partner with Encore – watch our video below.

6. Competition entry

Quite a number of previous clients have used the films we make for competition entry. We understand the specific requirements of competition applications and we can combine creative shots with the shots stipulated by the competitions (usually clear presentation of feet and hands, in the case of piano competitions).

We also offer a promotional film edit as an add-on to our Mill Sessions package, because it’s great for platforms such as Encore, but also often a competition entry requirement. Take a look at this example promo film below.

Wrapping up

Really, the need for musicians to have a high quality video is obvious and it’s a must for anyone serious about a career in classical music. But why do pianists choose us to make them? We provide:

  • The perfect venue
  • Steinway Concert D or a Bösendorfer
  • Professional tuning
  • Rehearsal and green room
  • Snacks

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