The Stoller Hall

The Stoller Hall

Modern, sophisticated & acoustically excellent

The Stoller Hall is an exceptional new concert venue based in Chetham’s School of Music, in the heart of Manchester. It is our favourite venue for so many reasons. The space looks impressive on film, it feels large, but it is intimate at the same time allowing it to suit all types of performer.

The hall opened in 2017 and has been used by many high profile artists and it’s opening weekend was broadcast on BBC radio 3.

The stunning architecture, designed by Stephenson STUDIO, resulted in a national RIBA Award, when it was named one of the 49 best new buildings in the UK. Acoustics by Arup have set a standard described by Robert Beale for the Arts Desk as, “delivering the music as if every hearer is in the conductor’s shoes.”

Complete with a beautiful Steinway Concert D, the facilities include practice and dressing rooms.

Why choose The Stoller Hall?

From our experience, this is one of the very best concert halls to work in. Compared to other venues, it is totally sound proof with no interference from external noises and is kept at a consistently warm temperature. It offers good quality greenrooms for changing outfits and taking a break from recording. There are also no windows, so we have total control and flexibility with lighting setups.

With this venue, you are not only paying for a great sounding and looking space, but also the assurance that you are giving your project the best chance of success by minimising risks.

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