Classical album production

From recording to release, for classical musicians and labels.

Production Package

  • 2 days recording
  • Editing & balancing
  • Mastering for digital & CD release
  • Promotional film
  • Photography to document the process
  • Release on the Mill Media label, Grand Empirical, or any other label

Recording & releasing an album requires a lot of moving parts.

Mill Media Co. takes care of it all.



Choosing the right venue for your album is a crucial part of getting the best sound for your album. It is well worth considering what reverb (that washy, echo sound!) would suit the project – whether the venue has a long reverb tail (lots of echo) or a short, dry sound (like a living room with lots of fabric). The reverb of a room plays a huge part in the final sound of your album and how your instrument sounds through the microphones.

We have years of experience working in The Stoller Hall and Carole Nash Hall in Manchester, UK which we can recommend as two premium classical recording venues.

Engineer, producer & equipment

Having an experienced, well equipped sound engineer (also known as an audio engineer) is essential for a successful album production. Our equipment is portable and scalable which can be set up in any venue. Our engineers are qualified BSc (Hons) Audio Engineers with classical music experience, so you will have trained and educated people working on your recordings when collaborating with Mill Media.

It also helps hugely if your engineer can understand classical music, as this will make the editing process much easier and more efficient. Everyone who does post-production work at Mill Media is well versed in reading and editing classical music.

Of course a producer is also a very important role as part of a successful album. You don’t absolutely need one, but we have shared more of our thoughts on producers in this article here.



We capture footage of the recording process to provide you with a promotional film designed to build anticipation and publicise the release. Also with the footage, we can create short video clips, ideal for social media posting leading up to the album release.


Candid photography gives people insight into the exciting and hard work behind interpreting classical compositions for a recording. We will provide you with a selection of images to use on social media to help promote your album and build momentum for release.


Design service for all aspects of an album; cover artwork, booklet design, CD printing.

Quoted for separately to the Album Package costs below.

Cover art

Our designers will work with you to create album cover art using graphics and photography suitable for physical and digital release.

Promotional artwork

Taking the styles and themes of the cover art, our designers will create poster and social media designs to publicise your release.


ISRCs embedded

International Standard Recording Codes mean that your CDs and digital files will be recognised by computers, so the album information is correctly displayed and your recordings are trackable for royalty collection.

CD mastering

Mastering is the final creative and technical process during the production of a recording before being sent for distribution. Read our quick article Everything a Classical Musician Needs to Know About Mastering here.

Release on our label

If you are unsigned, you can talk to us about releasing your album internationally on the Grand Empirical label.

Recommended Venues

Carole Nash Hall

The Stoller Hall

Have a different venue in mind? No problem – let’s chat!


Please ask us for a final quote as venue costs can be less or more depending on requirements.

CD Duplication

We can organise CD manufacturing for you. Please get in touch for details and costs.

Record with Mill

Talk to us about your recording project, let us help you make it happen so you can concentrate on the music. Take advantage of our Album Package or ask us about bespoke projects.

Record with Mill

Talk to us about your recording project, let us help you make it happen so you can concentrate on the music. Take advantage of our Album Package or ask us about bespoke projects.