Esther Abrami

A classic feel and a moving performance

It’s always an honour to work with a musician who understands how media works and the importance of giving insights and high quality video to their followers. Esther has managed to use social media, video and photography to

make herself a brand, all the while never compromising on the true hard work that goes in to developing as a musician. Esther is an inspiration to us, and we hope you enjoy her performances as much as we did.

Video | Chanson d’été (Summer Song) by Paul Ibbotson

Video | Bach Partita No.2 – Allemande

Part of a set of six works by Bach, this first movement of the Partitia No.2 in D minor is performed and paced beautifully by Esther. For this film we chose simple warm light and used three camera set-ups to allow us movement.

Having Esther standing alone in the Carole Nash Hall with the shots showing the full setting, mic stands and all, gives the film honesty and intimacy, capturing the Esther’s grace and natural glamour.

Images | Candid photography & portraits

Images | Social media & graphics

From the photos we take on the day, we can produce a variety of graphics, from posters to animated GIFs for use on websites and social and print media.

Esther | Testimonial

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